Our Services


The Innovatrium grows clients’ innovation community and network through connections with university faculty, students, VCs, startups, corporations, and art and design communities.

Project jumpstart

From idea incubation to project acceleration, the innovation consultants can assist companies to create high quality and impactful ventures that best fit clients’ capabilities.

Innovation ASSESSMENTS + Analytics

Using the Innovation Genome, companies can receive an assessment about their innovation practices, culture, and competency to determine their strengths and weaknesses.


Consultants will guide and mentor innovators, executives, and sponsors to navigate the reality of change endeavor, build momentum, and push initiatives through the barriers in the organization.

Training + Development

The Innovatrium team provides training for clients in innovation methods and practices to develop skills and a creative mindset. Options include:

  • Certified Professional Innovator (CPI) Program, certified by the University of Michigan
  • Train the trainer and sponsor training programs

    CPI is designed to develop highly practiced innovation leaders through a customized and scalable online component in combination with a rapid and intense action-learning program. The aim of the program is to embed the innovators’ mindset and instill the skill base necessary to manage breakthrough innovation-focused projects, people, and ventures, through real innovation projects and solutions.

  • Train the Trainer Program

    Develops the skills and mindset of an elite team of highly practiced innovation leaders to lead diverse initiatives and become innovation champions. An extension of the CPI program, this program helps graduates become sponsors and mentors who train the rest of the organization and create a critical mass of innovators.

  • AIM HI Program

    The AIM HI program is an abbreviation for Academy • Industry • Military • Hybrid • Innovations. The program connects top shelf research universities, entrepreneurial companies, United States Air Force, and National Guard to develop creativity and innovation skills, facilitate problem solving, break barriers, anticipate the future, out-compete existing and new adversaries, and accelerate decision cycles.

  • Project DAWG

    Innovatrium and Air University are joining forces to host a game design competition called DAWG (Developing Airmen With Games) and are looking for students to develop a prototype that assesses Airman fundamental competencies, such as decision making, leadership, and creating thinking.