Our Mission

Democratize Innovation

Everyone can innovate. But everyone innovates differently. We believe innovation leaders already exist within organizations but they need to be found and nurtured to reach their full potential. Our programs, modules, and solutions allow clients to become the driving force behind their own sustainable growth and capabilities.

The Vision

“Our system is built on the idea that every organization has within it the ability to solve its own problems.”

Innovatrium’s services foster organic growth in clients’ innovation ecosystems. We’ve worked with many large and complex organizations in various industries, including Fortune 500 companies, community leaders, and governmental agencies. Our role as an idea market, think tank, and research lab for innovation projects allow us to develop the organizational culture, competency, and community needed to manage and lead innovation.

Harness Innovation

The “Dean of Innovation,” who has been democratizing innovation—teaching all how to innovate, as a seasoned consultant, professor, author, speaker, and all-around idea magician.

Evolve Towards
the Future

The future possesses innumerable possibilities. We seek to utilize these possibilities so you not only thrive, but also become a top competitor. Our approach encourages you to reach your potential through natural growth.


Unleash the
Innovator Within

Partnered with our world-class research and successful implementation, you will flourish by developing unique solutions that leverage your preexisting predatory advantages. Create lasting change through competition and cooperation.

Our Approach

Led by Jeff DeGraff, one of the world’s leading innovation experts, the Innovatrium team consists of master innovators. Our customized approach within a structured framework ensures clients are provided the best resources to innovate.

  • Innovation Genome

    Our approach centers on the Innovation Genome, a model that fosters successful organizational leadership and improves effectiveness. The model is grounded in more than 30 years of research and thought leadership from renowned professors at the University of Michigan. It is recognized by Financial Times as one of the 40 most important frameworks in the history of business.

  • Building an Innovation Ecosystem

    Innovatrium proposes four components to build an innovation ecosystem for clients:

    1. Highly trained innovation leaders
    2. Customized innovation process
    3. Disruptive new products and services
    4. Vibrant innovation network
  • See One, Do One, Teach One (sodoto)

    Innovation can’t be taught in the classroom. Our SODOTO principle encourages development through observation, practice, and teaching. Innovation leaders execute their innovation projects, create a playbook, learn from experienced innovators, and mentor the next wave, sharing and instilling best practices. This is how a sustainable legacy is created.

  • Constructive ConflictTM

    To produce creativity and innovation, you need to let the sparks fly. Diverse viewpoints are the cornerstone to meaningful sensemaking and the formulation of creative solutions. The push and pull of opinions and the constructing and deconstructing of ideas create hybrid solutions.