The Creative Mindset:
Mastering the Six Skills
That Empower Innovation

New from Jeff DeGraff and Staney Degraff

Our system is built on the idea that every organization has within it the ability to solve its own problems

– Jeff DeGraff

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The innovation lab that connects you with experts in developing organizational culture, competency, and community needed to manage and lead innovation. This is the Juilliard for innovators.


The “Dean of Innovation,” who has been democratizing innovation—teaching all how to innovate, as a seasoned consultant, professor, author, speaker, and all-around idea magician.

TRAINING + Development

The curriculum to rapidly train groups of highly practiced innovation leaders to manage and champion innovation initiatives inside your organization.


The model that measures companies’ Innovation DNA—the ability to not just create new products and ideas, but more importantly, the ability to deliver meaningful shareholder value through their deployment in the marketplace.


The resources that contain the core beliefs of the Innovatrium.


“The workshop was an absolute overwhelming success! The general consensus for the best takeaway of the workshop was that the material presented could be applied to daily life situations…the most productive session that we have had.”

- Debbie Carter, BU Marketing Coordinator, The Pepsi Bottling Group – Central BU

“We have used the "jumpstart" activity several times with huge success. Thank You!”

- Sandra Brooks, VP, Leadership Development & Training, Prudential Financial

“Jeff DeGraff has helped Pfizer’s senior leaders advance the company’s innovation agenda by bringing deep expertise to his sessions, complemented by an engaging style and tremendously high level of energy.”

- Stephen Kontra, Director, Team Leader of Leadership Education and Development (LEAD), Global Talent Development, Pfizer, Inc.