Innovatrium and Air University are joining forces to host a game design competition called DAWG (Developing Airmen With Games) and are looking for students to develop a prototype that assesses Airman fundamental competencies, such as decision making, leadership, and creating thinking. Students should compete in diverse teams with skills in mobile game development, simulation networking/distribution, graphic design, simulation development, and training development.

About Us

The Innovatrium is a business accelerator, idea market, and research lab for innovation projects, encouraging the development of the organizational mindset, culture, competency, and community needed to lead innovation.

Air University innovation eXcellerator (AUiX) connects Air University students, faculty, and staff with partners in the Department of Defense, academia, and industry with a goal to increase military effectiveness.


Hold an open innovation tournament for diverse college student groups from top universities to use game technology to assess and develop the fundamental competencies of airmen. Competencies to be provided from AUiX at the start of the tournament.

The Team

3 teams will be awarded $15,000 each to further develop their prototype. The winning team will be awarded $80,000 and collaborate with Air University to finalize and launch their idea.

Each team must have at least 2 university students. Every participant needs to fill out the registration form. If you already have a team, please include the same team name to be placed together.

If you do not have a team yet and would like to be placed on a team, write “individual” for the team name. We will help you find a team.


DAWG info Flyer

DAWG Promotional Graphic

DAWG Information Sheet


February 28th
Registration ends
Kick-off event

Submit design concepts

April – June
Pitch playable prototype

June – October
Finalize prototype pitch

Winning team develops product

Contact Us

Danielle DeMarco, Innovatrium
[email protected]