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AIM-HI Supervisor Questions

Personal Information

AIM-HI Applicant Information

Why do you want to participate in AIM-HI as an innovator?

What relevant experiences, skills, and traits do you bring to a team?

What topic areas are you most interested in working on?

Human Weapon System / Multi-Capable Airmen

Agile Combat Employment

Contested Logistics / Resilient Basing

Space Domain Resiliency / Space Domain Awareness

Digital Transformation / Cyber Agility

Data Analysis / Algorithmic Warfare / Human-Machine Teaming


(Please include skills, motivation, role in the unit, or uniqueness of thought, etc.)
As the Commander or Supervisor, I acknowledge the time requirements and TDY costs needed for this member to participate in AIM-HI. I authorize their participation with 100% support throughout the entirety of AIM-HI professional development Cohort 5 offered by the Kelly Johnson Joint All-Domain Innovation Center.
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