Perpetuate Culture

How can you perpetuate a culture of innovation?

After developing an understanding of innovation and committing to action, how do you pass that knowledge on to others? How do you build a culture of innovation?

By assessing, translating, and teaching:

What have you learned?

What did you learn as you built momentum? Think about what worked and what didn’t. What would you do differently in the future? What would you do the same? Take time to reflect.

How can you share that knowledge with others?

The best way to help others understand is to speak in their language and at their level. Based on your experiences, can you create your own language for innovation? Can you communicate your takeaways in a way that others will quickly grasp? Create three or four simple “rules” for innovation.

How will you make sure they “get it”?

See One, Do One, Teach One (SODOTO) is the only effective way to transfer deep smarts. In SODOTO, the novice learns from the expert — first by seeing, then by doing, then by teaching someone else. Teach your personal innovation rules using the SODOTO method.

What tools will you use?

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