Develop Capability

How can you develop innovation capability within your key players?

To keep your players at the top of their game, you have to help them develop fundamental skills, break bad habits, and build discipline. Staying sharp means mindfully distancing yourself from your day-to-day routine and focusing on ways to improve.

Break free from what you know:

How can you defamiliarize?

Organizations develop dominant cultures and habits that are optimized toward the status quo. To develop innovative habits and skillsets, you must defamiliarize yourself from everyday behaviors and processes. Doing so will enable you to make sense of tensions in the workplace and identify the types of behaviors required to make beneficial shifts.

How do you operate?

It’s important to understand that how you innovate is what you innovate. If you’re immersed in a process-driven, efficient culture, your innovations will likely be incremental because they’re designed to eliminate risk.

If you’re driven by speed, your innovations will be moderate and carry a high probability of attainment. Success is likely, but its impact will be short-term.

To make room for radical, breakthrough innovations, you have to design a context that supports variation. Knowing where you currently stand will help you create that context.

What can you eliminate?

Creating a space for innovation doesn’t always mean launching a new initiative — it often means killing an old one. What process or procedure is holding you back? As Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

What tools will you use?

Innovatrium’s experts will work with you to co-create a roadmap by using any combination of the following innovation tools:


Card Game


Tent Exercise


Innovation Immersion