Create a Roadmap

What does it take to create a roadmap for innovation?

To create a solid innovation strategy, you need a roadmap. This includes developing a shared vision of where you want to go and candidly diagnosing your current capabilities to get there.

Start by asking the right questions:

What do you want?

New products? New services? New business divisions? More than likely, you have a plan for increasing success. But too often, there are roadblocks. In large, mature organizations, the majority of resources are dedicated to maintenance — quality control, shareholder value, processes … the list goes on. We call this the “incumbent’s dilemma” — it’s nearly impossible to grow when you’re focused on maintenance.

Do you have the capability needed to get there?

Executing a strategy requires having the right players on board. If you’re trying to drive change, the first thing you need is buy-in from key stakeholders. If you don’t, the size of the initiatives and impact are immediately limited. Identifying these stakeholders — who often work in autonomous units across functions — is the first step to initiating change.

How will you make it happen?

Most of the time, organizations try to initiate change by starting at the center. The problem with this approach is that the center keeps the organization afloat — it’s not a place to experiment. Rather than starting on the inside (in hopes that change will radiate outward), start on the outside, where change isn’t as risky. The seeds of change shouldn’t be planted scattershot. We’ll help you create a sound strategy for implementation.

 What tools will you use?

Innovatrium’s experts will work with you to co-create a roadmap by using any combination of the following innovation tools:

Jumpstart your innovation strategy with our assessment.


Make a case for your innovation strategy.

Case for Innovation

Implement your innovation strategy.

Innovation Intervention