Build Momentum

How can you build momentum toward innovation?

In order to innovate, you have to act. But people in large organizations often spend more time analyzing than they do acting. Though we have good intentions, analysis suffocates progress.

Prioritize action over analysis:

What’s your goal?

Start by identifying a problem with an actionable solution — something you know you can accomplish. We call these “high-quality targets.” You’ll know it’s actionable if you can answer “yes” to these three questions: Is the challenge clear? Is it worth doing? Can my team win? 

Who’s on your team?

Innovation doesn’t happen at the center of organizations. It happens at the intersections and fringes. That’s why you need to enlist deep, diverse domain expertise. By bringing together cross-functional experts, you’ll create constructive conflict. The Competing Values Framework shows us that’s where new, hybrid ideas emerge.

How can you diversify your plays?

Take multiple shots on goal. Instead of putting money and resources into one large project, diversify your approaches so that you’re taking three, four, or five smaller shots. By doing so, you’re accelerating the failure cycle. It’s only through embracing failure that we can learn and make adjustments.

What innovation tools will you use?

We’re here to help you set your ideas in motion with:


Deep Dive




After-Action Review