Continual Apprenticeship

How do you scale innovation capability? 

SODOTO Innovation Model

Learning that lasts is always hands-on. To learn a new language or how to play a musical instrument, you can’t study it from afar or through a textbook. Rather, you must have a series of meaningful experiences and conduct high-impact experiments that reveal what works and what doesn’t. You develop competency through trial and error — a rapid succession of failures that quickly leads to success.

Teaching innovation is no different than training physicians: it’s best done through an apprenticeship model. Our innovation model calls it the “See One, Do One, Teach One” (SODOTO) approach.

By developing a community of highly practiced innovation leaders, you create a mentor system that ensures the cycle of innovation continues. Today’s leaders transfer deep knowledge about the art of innovation to those who will become future leaders — all while working on projects with high potential for developing new practices and competencies.

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