Accelerated Failure

What’s more dangerous — failure or stagnation? 

When approached strategically, failure provides tremendous opportunity for learning and growth. Stagnation, or continually operating in the same way because it’s “safe,” is the quickest path to real failure — failure you can’t bounce back from. In today’s world, if you’re not innovating, failure (the detrimental kind) is inevitable.

We encourage our clients to fail early, often, and off Broadway!

By accelerating failure — rather than trying to avoid it — we gain valuable knowledge and arrive at superior solutions more quickly. That’s why it’s built directly into our innovation model. By failing “off Broadway,” you buy yourself time and space to build momentum. The key is to work in cycles, not lines.

Failure is built into our innovation model.

Practice Our Four Fundamentals of Innovation:

1. Set a High-Quality Target
Define a specific, actionable goal, then focus your energy on that.

2. Enlist Deep and Diverse Domain Expertise
Select cross-functional experts for your team, which increases constructive conflict and leads to new, hybrid ideas.

3. Take Multiple Shots on Goal
Hedge your bets! Spending less money in a short time frame on a diverse series of experiments increases your chances of winning.

4. Learn from Experience and Experiments
Identify what you’ve learned from both your successes and failures. What can you apply to the next cycle of innovation?

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