So You Want to be a Creative Genius?

by Jeff DeGraff

Here are five levels and types of creativity from the easiest to the most difficult to master. Understanding the five levels and types of creativity can help us increase our own creative innovation potential:

1) Mimetic creativity is the most rudimentary form of creativity, and primarily consists of observing and imitating.

2) Bisociative creativity occurs when a familiar idea is connected to an unfamiliar one to produce a novel idea.

3) Analogical creativity is the use of analogies to transfer information that we believe we understand in one domain to help resolve a challenge in an unfamiliar area.

4) Narrative creativity is about deconstructing and reconstructing a different or new story of the solution.

5) Intuitive creativity is cultivated by distracting and relaxing the mind to create a flow state of consciousness where ideas come easily.

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