Project Stories

Innovation Consulting to Accelerate New Business Opportunities

Take multiple shots on goal! —Jeff DeGraff

Our innovation consulting programs leverage targeted, focused projects to help you develop organizational culture and achieve organic growth through innovation. Each program is carefully designed to identify growth opportunities, increase collaboration, create a shared vision for the future, and embrace controlled experimentation.

Case Study: Back from the Brink of Bankruptcy

DSOFor years, the world-renowned Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) experienced a sharp decline in revenue. This was due in part to the recession, but a closer look revealed deeper issues.

As technology has changed the delivery of musical content, live performances hold less importance for some music lovers. Additionally, today’s patrons want more intimate, collaborative interactions with artists. In response, the DSO came to the Innovatrium to “creativize” an array of potential solutions. We helped them flesh out options to improve patrons’ experiences while diversifying revenue opportunities.




Watch the number of shots on goal the DSO  takes to connect with music lovers through new channels and mediums.


Case Study: Thinking Small in a Really Big Market

imagesThomson Reuters (TR) is a large, diverse information company. One of its leaders was tapped to develop new information products for the rapidly growing Indian market. Though the country has a vast population and increasing technological sophistication, the majority of small business owners do not have the money to buy laptop computers or existing TR products.

Through experimentation, brainstorming, and creativizing, TR launched Reuters Market Light — a product that provides only essential pieces of information that can be accessed via cell phone (a product that most Indian business owners already have). It proved to be extremely valuable and its use spread rapidly. 



Watch Tom Glocer, CEO of Thomson Reuters, discuss the company’s commitment to developing creative leaders.