Process Stories

Creating a Sustainable Innovation Process

People don’t resist the change they help create. —Jeff DeGraff

Large organizations are often encumbered by established processes. Though rigidity serves a purpose, it can create roadblocks for new ideas and business opportunities. We help companies develop their internal growth engines, enabling them to leverage the strengths of their existing processes while creating new opportunities for innovation.

Case Study: Rebuilding a Real Estate Company 

prudential_logo1Prudential Relocation Corporation was a casualty of the recent recession. While the new CEO believed he was working with exceptional talent, he knew the established culture and processes were holding the company back. Staggering drops in revenue meant they had to act fast.

The Innovatrium was called upon to help Prudential Relocation reinvent its organizational culture, products, services, and solutions. By employing the Creativize Method, Prudential was able to speed up product delivery and make significant improvements in other areas. See Jim Mallozzi’s testimony of how we helped Prudential Relocation regain organizational strength and organic growth.


Case Study: Open-Source Innovation

proquestProQuest, a mid-sized information technology company, offers aggregated data to libraries and other research-based organizations. In response to a competitor who was grabbling market share, the company was faced with redeveloping its core platform.

To regain business, ProQuest had to develop new technology within a very short time frame. A diverse and large project team was formed, employing the Competing Values Jumpstart Program. After much hard work, the team delivered the new platform on time and played to rave reviews in the market. More importantly, it became the springboard for future products and enhancements. In the five years that followed, ProQuest fostered remarkable success by embedding the creative mindset into the organization. A few of the company’s results included:

  • Hundreds of new products launched
  • Revenue growth of 130% over the five years that followed
  • Consistent EBITDA performance of 25%
  • Noted as one of the Most Innovative Companies in the World (InfoWeek)
  • Rated as one of the Best Places to Work in Michigan