What We Do

Innovatrium’s consulting services foster organic growth in clients’ innovation ecosystems. We’ve worked with many large and complex organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, community leaders, foundations, and educational institutions. Our role as an idea market, think tank, and research lab for innovation projects, allow us to develop the organizational culture and competency needed to manage and lead innovation.

Harness Innovation

In a fast-paced, competitive environment structured by policies, regulations, and limited resources, innovation is imperative for organizations to adapt to an uncertain future. In an ecosystem, everyone has a role to play. Our role is to develop sustainable innovative growth within our clients through collaborative efforts. We strive to breakdown internal roadblocks and challenge routine to ensure everyone is encouraged to have new ideas and solutions. Our clients will establish a self-sufficient culture working towards a future vision that inspires progress.

Evolve Towards The Future

The future possesses innumerable possibilities. Innovatrium seeks to utilize these possibilities so clients not only thrive, but also become top competitors. We recognize the need for adaptability, and our approach encourages our clients’ natural growth while also expanding their fullest potential.

Become The Catalyst

Our clients will create lasting change. They will focus not only on competition but also cooperation and network expansion to extend their influence. Partnered with Innovatrium and backed by world-class research and successful implementation, our clients will flourish by developing unique solutions that will leverage their preexisting predatory advantages.


Innovation consulting is an ongoing process.