Who We Are

The Innovatrium consists of a team of master innovators apprenticed by Jeff DeGraff, one of the world’s leading innovation experts. Our system is built on the idea that every organization has the ability to solve its own problems; as such, we do not solve your problems for you, but help develop your capabilities so you can create your own organic growth engine.

The Competing Values Framework Diagram

Built on a Solid Intellectual Foundation

Our approach is grounded in more than 30 years of research and thought leadership from renowned professors at the University of Michigan, and is centered upon the Competing Values Framework (CVF), a broadly applicable model that fosters successful organizational leadership and improves effectiveness. CVF is recognized by the Financial Times as one of the 40 most important frameworks in the history of business, and has been used with great success by hundreds of companies.

Proven in Practice

We’ve worked with many organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, community leaders, foundations, and educational institutions. By serving as an idea market, think tank, and research lab for innovation projects, we have helped these clients develop leadership capabilities for lasting results. Read detailed success stories in our Impact section.

Our Space

Located at the heart of the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus, our center is perfect for off-site innovation workshops and out-of-the-box experimentation. We designed the space to facilitate brainstorming and collaboration: writeable surfaces, floor-to-ceiling windows, and quadrants designed for different types of thinking help inspire the work we do. Our proximity to top schools at U-M makes it easy to tap into a robust pipeline of thought leaders, students, executives, and the greater innovation community.

The Innovatrium is designed around The Competing Values Framework.


Our Wisconsin Space

Our second location opened at the Whitewater University Technology Park. The Technology Park is associated with the University of Wisconsin Whitewater and provides access to top tier professors and resources.  The new Innovatrium provides standard and customizable innovation programs. The Innovatrium is housed in a eco-friendly, technologically advanced, business incubation facility.

Innovatriumwhitewater3 Innovatriumwhitewater