What We Do

What We Do

Our innovation consulting services help complex, process-driven companies develop their own innovation growth engines. This enables them to work with speed, flexibility, and creativity.

Are you facing the “incumbent’s dilemma”

Large, complex organizations are bound by structure, governance, and processes. Though they have the advantage of size, internal roadblocks often discourage creative thinking and new solutions.

It’s simple: Success leads to growth. Growth leads to established practices. Established practices lead to routine — the enemy of innovation. This is why large institutions have the most difficult time innovating.

Innovation is all around you. It’s just lying dormant.

Every organization — including yours — has the inherent ability to solve its own problems. Hiring external innovators keeps innovation outside of your company. Lasting change comes from insourcing innovation — building a self-sufficient culture that supports your growth initiatives.

We’re here to help you awaken the potential that already exists.

Backed by world-class research and successful implementation, our innovation consulting services help you develop solutions that leverage your existing predatory advantage: your scope and scale.

See how we help companies like yours overcome the incumbent’s dilemma.

Innovation consulting is an ongoing process.